2015 Texas Book Festival Poster

texas book festival

I am very honored that my painting “The Naturalist” has been chosen for the official Twentieth Anniversary Texas Book Festival poster. The festival is on the weekend of October 17 and 18 at the Texas State Capitol in Austin and benefits Texas public libraries. I am thrilled to have been chosen because the public libraries have been instrumental in my self education as an artist. Before I even stepped inside an art museum I found art within the books I devoured at the library. More practically, I learned to draw and compose paintings by copying old master works found in books. I also discovered literature which has served me faithfully not just for comfort and escape but as a treasure chest of ideas for my works.  It is no wonder that I wish for my works to open the same doorways to dreams and imaginations that literature does.

The narrative quality of Ronquillo’s work made it a perfect choice to represent the Texas Book Festival this year. As Stephens [Rachel Stephens from the Wally Workman Gallery] remarks:

“As you can see in the festival poster image, her informed visual language creates characters that are layered with a past as well as a future. The eye contact activates the viewer as a participant. Her symbolism intrigues the imagination. It is no wonder that the literary community is drawn to her work. What time period is it set in? Are the flowers being offered or received? Is the finch a friend or a possession? And what army could the red armband signify? As with literature, there are no wrong answers. There are only stories, stories wanting to be told, stories wanting to be read.” ~ from the Texas Book Festival Lit Blog

Speaking of artists, you can spend the three months between now and TBF weekend admiring the poster art by Fatima Ronquillo, an elegant that looks as if it might be several centuries old, which has the feel of both the Old World and the New World, of past and present, of nature and civilization … it tells a story of the kind we love to discover in books. ~ Robert Faires, The Austin Chronicle

“Reveries” solo show

“Reveries” is a selection of works portraying figures engaged in meditative introspection and dream states. To be caught in a reverie is to be caught in a daydream or fantasy and to inhabit the liminal world between the physical outer self and the mysterious hidden inner world. The narratives portrayed, such as in “Flora with Piglets,” may either be improbably real or only a fantasy.

Opens Friday, August 14, 2015, from 5pm to 7pm, at Meyer East Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“The Novice” and “Marcel”

In the studio I tend to create stories about the works on the easel. Having gone to a Catholic school myself, I imagined the young nun as a teacher with the little schoolboy “Marcel” as her pupil. Now “Marcel” in my mind is a rather bookish young man, perhaps a writer or poet, not unlike a young Proust. The laurel leaves behind him symbolize his literary talents or aspirations. “The Novice with Dog and Sweet Peas” is a study in creams and whites, accented with a bouquet of pink and purple sweet peas on a ledge. The little King Charles spaniel accompanying her is adorned with a medal of honor hanging from a red ribbon.

Both works are now available at Meyer East Gallery in Santa Fe.

The Novice with Dog and Sweet Peas
“The Novice with Dog and Sweet Peas” 20×16 inches, oil on panel


“Marcel” 10×8 inches, oil on panel SOLD

The Sublime Vignette… new works

Happy Holidays! I would like to thank everyone for a truly blessed year. It is only a couple of days before my winter show opening for “The Sublime Vignette” at the Meyer Gallery in Park City. I hope you can join us for the reception on Friday, December 26, 6-9 pm. Here are the final pieces for the show. Complete show preview here.

Girl with Pearls, Sea Shells and Coral
“Girl with Pearls, Sea Shells and Coral” 24×20 inches, oil on canvas over panel
The Naturalist
“The Naturalist” 24×20 inches, oil on canvas over panel SOLD
“Beatrice” 8×6 inches, oil on panel
Hand with Lover's Eye
“Hand with Lover’s Eye” 7×5 oil on panel SOLD

Solo Show: The Sublime Vignette

I am pleased to announce my upcoming solo exhibition “The Sublime Vignette” at the Meyer Gallery in Park City, Utah. Please join us for the opening reception on December 26, 2014 from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. I so look forward to celebrating and meeting with you.

p.s. Apologies in advance for an incomplete preview. I am still painting (to the last minute as has become my habit). However I will announce the completed preview when it becomes available. Thank you so much for your patience.