In the studio I tend to create stories about the works on the easel. Having gone to a Catholic school myself, I imagined the young nun as a teacher with the little schoolboy “Marcel” as her pupil. Now “Marcel” in my mind is a rather bookish young man, perhaps a writer or poet, not unlike a young Proust. The laurel leaves behind him symbolize his literary talents or aspirations. “The Novice with Dog and Sweet Peas” is a study in creams and whites, accented with a bouquet of pink and purple sweet peas on a ledge. The little King Charles spaniel accompanying her is adorned with a medal of honor hanging from a red ribbon.

Both works are now available at Meyer East Gallery in Santa Fe.

The Novice with Dog and Sweet Peas
“The Novice with Dog and Sweet Peas” 20×16 inches, oil on panel


“Marcel” 10×8 inches, oil on panel SOLD