“Smoker” and “Girl with Yellow Finch”

“Smoker” and “Girl with Yellow Finch”

I have just released the first paintings for 2014 at the Meyer East Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They are also the first of the works to be included for my upcoming solo show at the gallery in June. Two of the four have sold immediately before I can post this but “Girl with […]

“The Dreamer” Watercolor and Acrylic Process

“The Dreamer” Watercolor and Acrylic Process

New painting available at Wally Workman Gallery solo exhibit DEVOTION October 8 – October 29, 2011 Collectors’ Preview 6-8pm First Thursday, October 6th Opening Reception on Saturday, October 8 from 6 to 8pm “The Dreamer” 40×30 inches, acrylic and watercolor on panel SOLD I’d like to share my process for these new works. It has […]

“The Runaways”

“The Runaways”

“The Runaways” 40×30 inches, acrylic and watercolor on panel SOLD The genesis for these came from some watercolor and gouache sketches (experiments rather) that I’ve been playing with for the last couple of years.  See the drawing and in progress photos I took along the way…  “The Runaways” graphite on paper, 17×14 inches in progress photos: […]

Eye Miniatures

I came upon eye miniatures on the Ornamentalist blog a few years ago quite by accident. I’ve always been interested in miniature portraits and mementos so the imagery stuck. The miniature portrait started showing up in my works in 2008 with “The Miniature” and an actual lover’s eye last year with “Soldier with Lover’s Eye.” […]

“A Long List of Offenses”

“A Long List of Offenses” 10×8 inches, oil on panel SOLD   Rubens closely guarded his drawings as studio secrets and never showed them to the public. He thought they revealed too much of his labor. My own drawings often show a multitude of offenses and corrections… all of which are a visual record of […]

The Workspace

I have been a busy bee in studio with two shows coming up soon. It’s about time to show some close-up shots of the studio. Yep…. that’s a tool chest I recently requisitioned from the garage. It’s got a built in power-strip ~ how cool is that? I’ve lately fallen in love with Natural Pigments Rublev […]

Painting and Memory

Painting is the power of suggestion. There is nature and then there is art. When painting you look at something, and then you have to shift your eye to the canvas. There’s a few seconds where there’s only memory to guide you. It would be interesting if some real authority investigated carefully the part which memory […]

An approach on how to learn to paint (recommended books)

There are two schools of thought on how to learn to paint. The first is the atelier based education where technique takes precedence over vision with the goal that if you know how to draw/paint what’s in front of you, you can then have leisure to cultivate a vision. The second school proposes that once […]

Young Pierrot as Hunter

I worked on my new little Pierrot intermittently over the course of a month. I knew I wanted an austere background, gray and atmospheric but I didn’t know how to give form to the original idea. Almost through serendipity, I happened on a lovely and very gray George Inness at the American Impressionism show at the New […]