“The Runaways”

“The Runaways”

“The Runaways” 40×30 inches, acrylic and watercolor on panel SOLD The genesis for these came from some watercolor and gouache sketches (experiments rather) that I’ve been playing with for the last couple of years.  See the drawing and in progress photos I took along the way…  “The Runaways” graphite on paper, 17×14 inches in progress photos: […]

“A Long List of Offenses”

“A Long List of Offenses” 10×8 inches, oil on panel SOLD   Rubens closely guarded his drawings as studio secrets and never showed them to the public. He thought they revealed too much of his labor. My own drawings often show a multitude of offenses and corrections… all of which are a visual record of […]

Learning to Draw: the virtues of copying

Originality is a quality highly prized in art. How does one begin to be original? By learning the basics. When it comes to learning the craft of painting and drawing, I believe that there’s nothing more beneficial than copying and studying great works of art. It’s how I taught myself to draw and then to […]

Little Emperor

portrait of a very imperious child…

“In the Moonlight”

My inspiration for this is a small copper painting by Adam Elsheimer, “The Flight into Egypt.” Painted in 1609, it was the first painting of its kind which showed the biblical scene in a nocturnal forest, as described by Matthew (2:13). His contemporaries marveled at his rendering of the Milky Way, which has never been […]

“Rules of Engagement” and Santos

My first landscape featuring the area around Santa Fe. In my painting studio I have a view of pinon trees on a hill. I witness ravens, rabbits, lizards and prairie dogs. This painting incorporates a lot of Santa Fe. My Santo Nino from the Philippines feels right at home in this land. I suppose my […]

Crowning the Grand Sow

This is the final painting. I released it and then took it back after awhile because there was something missing I thought. So in 2009 I revised it. My creative process: from drawing to finished painting. I love the little piggy in the foreground, scratching his side, completely unimpressed by the wondrous coronation next to […]