“The Tempest” and “Child with Milagros”

“The Tempest” and “Child with Milagros”

Two new paintings are currently available: “The Tempest” at Arden Gallery in Boston and “Child with Milagros” at Meyer Gallery in Santa Fe. The idea for “The Tempest” came from two different sources. The first is Shakespeare’s play of the same title and the second from Fiordiligi’s aria of steadfast love in Mozart’s opera “Cosí […]


a companion to “Princeling”….

“Bella” and “Red Cadet”

Both works now at Meyer East Gallery, Santa Fe.

“Lady with Honey Thief”

“Lady with Honey Thief” revisits one of my favorite motifs, Venus and Cupid. Included are items symbolic of the ephemeral, and the pleasures as well as the pains of love. “Lady with Honey Thief,” oil on canvas, 30×24 inches. SOLD


Small painting of a girl wearing a remembrance poppy… “Poppy” oil on panel, 7×5 inches SOLD

Upcoming Solo Show: “Recuerdos”

I am announcing my spring solo show “Recuerdos” at the Meyer East Gallery in Santa Fe. The opening reception is Friday, May 20, 2011 5 – 7 pm. Keepsakes, emblems, mementos or in spanish, recuerdos, not only identify portrait sitters but provide narrative details. I am interested in infusing ulterior meanings to a painting. A […]

“El Rey”

Now available at Meyer East Gallery, Santa Fe. I continue with highly ‘decorated’ soldiers. This time with her sovereign piggy, “El Rey.”

“Mirror, Mirror”

I will be part of a group show “Mirror, Mirror” opening this Saturday on September 4, 6-9 pm at Meyer Gallery, Park City, Utah. It is a showcase of figurative works by 10 artists including Ray Bonilla, Fidalis Buehler, Ted Gall, Glen Hawkins, Brian Kershisnik, Emily McPhie, Chris Miles, Jim Rennert and Justin Taylor. I […]

Seven New Paintings

I just delivered seven new works to Meyer East Gallery in Santa Fe. They will be part of my upcoming show “Wondrous Journey” opening on October 15. For details and larger images visit the new and improved paintings page on my website here.