"The Letter" by Fatima Ronquillo
"The Letter" 10x8 oil on panel, Meyer East Gallery

I am announcing my spring solo show “Recuerdos” at the Meyer East Gallery in Santa Fe. The opening reception is Friday, May 20, 2011 5 – 7 pm.

Keepsakes, emblems, mementos or in spanish, recuerdos, not only identify portrait sitters but provide narrative details. I am interested in infusing ulterior meanings to a painting. A letter, a flower, a bird or other object become symbolic of a persona.  A still life may be a vanitas: a memento into the transience of earthly pleasures.  Past lives and loves are present in notes and souvenirs. Recuerdos serve as memory clues. In modern world of disconnectedness, I believe there is a need for stillness and nostalgia.

"Recuerdo" by Fatima Ronquillo
"Recuerdo" 10x8 oil on panel, Meyer East Gallery
"Valentine" by Fatima Ronquillo
"Valentine" 8x6 oil on panel, Meyer East Gallery