“Reveries” solo show

“Reveries” is a selection of works portraying figures engaged in meditative introspection and dream states. To be caught in a reverie is to be caught in a daydream or fantasy and to inhabit the liminal world between the physical outer self and the mysterious hidden inner world. The narratives portrayed, such as in “Flora with Piglets,” may either be improbably real or only a fantasy.

Opens Friday, August 14, 2015, from 5pm to 7pm, at Meyer East Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Show Preview: “Dreamers”

I am pleased to announce a new exhibition of paintings at the Arden Gallery in Boston. The show runs the entire month of October with an opening reception on Saturday, October 4, 4pm – 6pm. For secret reasons I am unable to attend the reception but I hope you will stop by to see the works (which is the  important thing). The works are now available for pre-sale at the gallery.

Nous étions seul à seule et marchions en rêvant,
Elle et moi, les cheveux et la pensée au vent. ~ Paul Verlaine

(We were alone, and as we walked, we dreamed,
Our hair and thoughts both flying in the breeze.
~ Trans. Alistair Elliot)

Santa Fean, June/July 2014

Santa Fean Magazine, The Art Issue. June/July 2014 page 44



Fatima Ronquillo is enamored with what she calls “the earnestness of colonial folk art.” the Philippines-born, Texas-raised artist, who shows at Meyer East Gallery on Canyon Road, taught herself to paint by copying old paintings and drawings, and she explains that “looking for prototypes or ideas from the art of the past” is integral to her creative process. But symbolism and humor also play an evolving role in her work. “I view my paintings more as portraits of emotions or ideas rather than [of] any particular person. I want to paint stuff about love and hopefulness and also the occasional heartache.” Ronquillo says. “I am a secret romantic.” ―ET

“Tesoro Mio” opening night photos

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I just finished the body of work for my show which opens tomorrow, Friday, June 6, 5-7 pm at the Meyer East Gallery in Santa Fe. There are lots of new pieces built around the theme “Tesoro Mio” ~ a show full of many treasured objects and beloveds.