“A Small Duet” at Meyer Gallery, Park City, February 24, 2023

Join us for a small painting show featuring Fatima Ronquillo and Adalynne Ellsworth at the Meyer Gallery in Park City on Friday, February 24th, from 6-8PM, coinciding with the Park City Gallery Stroll. Please contact Meyer Gallery for inquiries.

“A Small Duet” is a group of small works that were initially inspired by the beautiful album “Secret Love Letters” by the wonderful violinist Lisa Batiashvili. The romantic music and the idea of love in its different iterations and journeys―from secret hidden desires, hope, fulfillment and loss―conjured up images of lovers and songbirds and springtime.

“Hand and Lovers’ Eyes with a Background of Flames” ©2023 Fatima Ronquillo 7×5 inches, oil on aluminum panel

“Beloved with Amaryllis and Golden Arrow” & “Child with Winter Robin”

Child with Winter Robin
oil on aluminum panel, 10×10 inches
©2022 Fatima Ronquillo
for purchase inquiry please contact Meyer Gallery, Park City

If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking

If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain;
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin
Unto his nest again
I shall not live in vain.

~ Emily Dickinson

I painted two winter scenes for Meyer Gallery in Park City, Utah. I love the calm and quiet hush of a landscape blanketed by snow. “Child with Winter Robin” was inspired by walking in the hills and trails of Santa Fe, where the sound of birds can be heard, almost as if spring is not long in coming. “Beloved with Amaryllis and Golden Arrow” is a reprise of a 2015 painting of the Amaryllis myth. This time the subject is the boy beloved by Amaryllis.

Beloved with Amaryllis and Golden Arrow
oil on aluminum panel, 14×11 inches
©2022 Fatima Ronquillo
for purchase inquiry please contact Meyer Gallery, Park City

I first painted the amaryllis story back in 2015. That first version featured the girl with the arrow wounding her heart.

Small Art Treasures in Park City

The Meyer Gallery in Park City is hosting a group show featuring “Small Art Treasures”. It opens this Friday, September 24 during Park City’s Gallery Stroll 6pm to 9 pm.

Hand with Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s “Sonnets from the Portuguese No.44”
6×8 inches, oil on aluminum panel
©2021 Fatima Ronquillo

Beloved, thou hast brought me many flowers
Plucked in the garden, all the summer through
And winter, and it seemed as if they grew
In this close room, nor missed the sun and showers,
So, in the like name of that love of ours,
Take back these thoughts which here unfolded too,
And which on warm and cold days I withdrew
From my heart’s ground. Indeed, those beds and bowers
Be overgrown with bitter weeds and rue,
And wait thy weeding; yet here’s eglantine,
Here’s ivy!— take them, as I used to do
Thy flowers, and keep them where they shall not pine.
Instruct thine eyes to keep their colours true,
And tell thy soul, their roots are left in mine.

~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning “Sonnets from the Portuguese No.44”

Laurel wreaths have long been symbolic of success, victory, and peace. More modern symbolism of the laurel include that of poetry and academic pursuits. Crowns of laurel graced the heads of the Olympic gods and goddesses. It is most closely associated with Apollo. Apollo fell in love with the nymph Daphne and pursued her. She fled from him and metamorphosed into a laurel tree. In honor of her, he chose the laurel as his emblem.

Hand with Golden Laurels and Hero’s Eye
7×5 inches, oil on aluminum panel
©2021 Fatima Ronquillo

Hand with Jonquils and Pair of Lover’s Eyes
8×6 inches, oil on aluminum panel
©2021 Fatima Ronquillo

I have long been fascinated by the myth of Echo and Narcissus. It was a story of unrequited love for Narcissus loved his own image and Echo loved Narcissus. I wanted something rather more joyful with with a pair of lover’s eyes and the jonquils heralding springtime and new beginnings.

“Une Petite Nuit” small works show


I am pleased to announce that my new painting “Robinetta” will be in the small works group show “Une Petite Nuit” at the Meyer Gallery in Park City. The show runs from September 30 thru October 17.  An opening reception will be held on Friday, September 30th, six to nine p.m. and will feature live music and petit four treats.


“Robinetta” 8×6 inches, oil on panel, available at Meyer Gallery, Park City