Two new paintings (available at Meyer East Gallery, Santa Fe, NM) of children. I love how the technique used in each of these is particular to the imagined personalities of these portraits. “Boy with Scarlet Bird” is an exercise in greys and a rather delicate handling resulting in a doll-like smoothness with the bright shot of scarlet as a punctuation. I think he’s rather a proper little gentleman in his tidy suit, therefore he has proper tidy brushstrokes too. Click on images to see the paint surface in greater detail.

Boy with Scarlet Bird

His ‘sister’ “Circus Girl” is a bit wilder. She is in the circus after all. I’ve been able to create greater vibrancy in the face than in most of my other works. Love the result and the process was incredibly enjoyable in the freedom of brushwork. I’m looking forward to similar virtuoso paint handling in future works.

Circus Girl

Two portraits of children with personalities in opposite ends of the spectrum. Two varieties of paint handling.