A new interview article Mad Enchantment―The Fantastical Folk of Fatima Ronquillo is on Period Portraits’ blog Consider. I talk about paintings I have loved and been inspired by as well as the motivation and fascination that portraits and printmaking hold for me. It was an honor and pleasure to be interviewed by Nick Cox, specialist dealer in period portraiture from the 17th to the 20th Century. His blog is full of interesting and educational articles for lovers of the genre. He can also be found on the delightful Instagram feed @periodportraits.

“Mad Enchantment – The Fantastical Folk of Fatima Ronquillo” featuring “The Foundling” by Fatima Ronquillo

The secrets out, I love the work of Fatima Ronquillo! This self-taught painter artfully marries old master techniques with a mystical modern sensibility, and the results are just dreamy.

Nick Cox, Period Portraits
Period Portraits “Consider” blog by Nick Cox @periodportraits on Instagram